Monday, 16 December 2013

The Santa Parade 2013 - The Video

This was the Santa parade we took part in, the video was taken by my dad.
We are in about the middle.

The music is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Santa Parade 2013

We did the Santa parade on Saturday 30th November in aid of Zoes Place, at Normanby, organised by the Boundary 500 motorcycle club (named for the 500 square miles the air ambulance covers, the other charity they raise funds for).
Over 200 bikes set off on a 22 mile run from Thornaby shopping center through Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar and finishing at Kirkleatham Hall.
What a brilliant fun day, I can't describe the feel good factor of having everyone waving and cheering, even when we were riding to and from the event on our own, we were getting waves, car horns honked and lights flashed. At the very least you would raise a smile.
A great day, and for charity as well.
I may ride round in a Santa suit all the time!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Trip to Wales & Blackpool September 2013

This is our first trip on our new bike, we are just doing a short one 'cos we only have 600 miles before the first service/oil change.
So we went off to Prestatyn on a sun holiday.
Wales in September is not the hottest place but we couldn't complain

We had a day trip to Llandudno,

which is a fantastic Victorian seaside town with a cable tram system up the great Orme.

The poster said fantastic views, the Welsh weather had other ideas!


Colwyn Bay's pier was a bit more in decline

Blackpool was.... 

Blackpool a traditional guest house with a good breakfast, a trip up the tower and a nice dry ride home.
Not bad for a first run.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Congratulations it's a.....brand new BMW R1200 GS Adventure!

Finally our new bike is here, I went to collect it on one of the wetest days in years with 75mm of rain falling in 24 hours!
Picked up the bike from the BMW garage with 0 miles on the clock, and even on the ride home through a monsoon, the bike felt great.

A day later after wiring in the sat nav and the intercom (really easy once I found the well hidden auxiliary power plug in point, which BMW try to keep a secret!) I got these photos on the moors, weather couldn't be more different!

Limited to about 600 miles before the first service, but should be enough for our trip to Wales.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Portugal, Spain & France 2013

3 Weeks in 3 Minutes

Our bike trip in 3 minutes, a clip from every day of riding, not necessarily in order!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Portugal, France & Spain 2013

The coastal road into Barcelona

Riding the Carretera Barcelona a Calafell the fantastic coast road going into Barcelona, this is a shortened version the road is longer than this.
The police were there but didn't seem to be that interested, the video is of course speeded up!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Portugal, France & Spain 2013 - Day 22

Sunday 7th July

We rode off the ferry after an extra hour in bed as the clocks went back again, Alan decided to try and get home by the motorway as his clutch seemed usable, my final drive bearing was loud so we opted for the smaller roads.
6 miles from the ferry port it started to really crunch!

So before it completely collapsed, this was how, after 3932 miles our journey ended with our first ever breakdown, and a the last 79 miles like this, not the glorious end we imagined!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Portugal, France & Spain 2013 - Day 22

Saturday 6th July

We set off the 280 miles to Rotterdam ferry port with Alan's clutch still not working properly. trying to stay on the main roads to minimise gear changes. One stop and a fluid refill, and we coasted in to a very quiet ferry port, through customs and onto the ship.

Although we made it my rear drive has a very grumbly bearing! You can hear it on the video! We were booked into the buffet restaurant, so all ate way too much, then crashed in our cabins. 

Portugal, France & Spain 2013 - Day 21

Friday 5th July

We waited till Alan found out about the BMW garage, then found out it didn't open till 2pm! The remaining two bikes set off for Reims (pronounced rass) and kept in touch on the way, despite both me and Bryan nearly being hit by an eagle at about 60mph, I kid you not!
When we arrived at our hotel we got a message to say his bike was fixed and he was on his way.

Alan arrives at the hotel late in he day (about 8.30pm) but all is not well.
We went out to discuss it over some dilerium tremens red, a lovely cherry beer about 8.5%
Everything seemed better then, as we walked back from a packed town (Friday night and students just finished their exams)

We came across some strange happenings at the cathedral

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Portugal, France & Spain 2013 - Day 20

Thursday 4th July

Set off on a fairly long ride to Orleans when about 60 miles up the road we had to pull in as Alan's GS was having clutch problems. He was losing all pressure at the lever, but not seeming to lose fluid.
After Bry sucked out the old fluid, which was a bit manky, and we put some fresh in, it seemed to improve.

We continued on the toll roads so there was less gear changes but, as we entered the city and the stop start it got worse. Alan was constantly pumping the clutch to try to get up or down the box.
We limped into the hotel and calls were made, luckily there was a BMW garage in town and the bike was recovered.

We went into Orleans old town and saw Joan hopefully she will give us some luck

Portugal, Spain & France 2013 - Day 19

Wednesday 3rd July

We lost the road again today, and to add insult to injury it rained! Alan leading,

Don't reckon much to this foies gras, a bit tough!

The town was amazing and surprisingly cheap for food and drinks! 4 courses with a bottle of wine for 2 people €47 including tip, and the foies gras was great! Even our hotel looked good

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Portugal, Spain & France 2013 - Day 18

Tuesday 2nd July

We thought the traffic in Barcelona wasn't too bad, but we rode in on a Sunday, and today was a work day! After clearing the city we rode up into the Pyrenees coming across a cow in the middle of the road eating grass off the roadside, at 1900 metres (6230 feet)! No photo as we were all that surprised!

The road disappeared as we tried to cut across country and turned to single lane track 

Eventually we reached Carcassonne where Rach eventually got her modules and frites

The fortified city of Carcassonne was impressive

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Portugal, Spain & France 2013 - Day 17

Monday 1st July

No riding today, we are staying over in Barcelona, the must see is the Sagrada Familia the church designed by Gaudi, now estimated to be completed in 2026.

We got there at 10.30 and the queue to go inside was 3 hours!
We walked down La Rambla and had a drink, you're not on holiday till you've had a jug of sangria....each!

We have done up to now;
2727 miles
Used 263 litres of fuel
And ridden for 15 of the days

Although all I rode today was a lion