Saturday, 18 January 2014

MachineArt Avant Fender Extender

I got sick of road debris and tar melting onto the front of the exhaust so decided to fit a fender extender. After looking around at extenders the main two seemed to be made by Pyramid Plastics and MachineArt, I went for the MachineArt Avant.

The main reason was because it requires NO drilling of your front mudguard so could be removed and the bike back to standard, also I thought the design looked more like something BMW would design.
It came with full fitting instructions but was really straight forward and a good fit.

Clipping on with three small 'hooks'. It even used torx screws like BMW do.

Excellent bit of kit, fit and forget. Hopefully will keep the front a bit cleaner!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

BMW GS Emotion Aluminium Tool Box

I was bought this neat little tool box for Christmas and have mounted it today.

The quality of the build is excellent, made from aluminium and welded
together really neatly, with an anodised finish.

The little door has a lock which has a rubber cover over it (2 keys supplied) 

and a good rubber seal around its edge. Its a decent size around 4 1/2 litres and bigger than the DS Bike Protection Raid toolbox (4Ltr).There is a larger one made by Adventure Designs but the door is on the side, so you will need to remove the pannier to access it.

It mounts to a standard BMW pannier frame and sits behind the right hand pannier, it was really easy to fit;
Fit the front bracket loosely the bolt goes into a threaded insert. 

Put the box in position hooking the loose bracket over the frame.

Then fit the top bracket with the two short bolts. Put the other long bolt into the bottom of the front bracket. 

Check alignment and tighten all bolts fully.
I then just did a final check that the pannier went on OK.
There are two nyloc nuts supplied and I fitted them onto the top bracket as a belt and braces arrangement, also to stop me possibly scratching my hand on the protruding bolts.

This should be great for a tool kit, mini pump, a disc lock, first aid kit, waterproof or even a secure place for a sat nav when you're off the bike.