Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What's in my BMW GS Emotion Aluminium Tool Box

I was asked what I carried in the BMW GS Emotion Tool Box, so here it is!

From top, left to right;
2 glow sticks, small LED torch, the 2 spanners and screwdriver that came will the standard kit (though I haven't found what they fit yet!), Pliers (should be a Leatherman, but I can find it!), plug spanner all wrapped in a cloth. 
Using real mechanics principals, duct tape for when it moves but shouldn't, WD-40 for when it doesn't move but should.
Motion Pro tool kit, tool for taking off oil cap, CyclePump mini compressor and clear tube for siphoning petrol.

In the BRILLIANT Motion Pro tool kit;

I've added; a Wunderlich wheel removal tool with Torx bits, a 6.5mm 1/4" drive socket to use the bits with the Motion Pro and 3/8" drive 17mm socket for the wheel tool.
The small socket fits inside the sockets with the Motion Pro, the 17mm on the end of the wheel tool and goes next to the main body of the Motion Pro, the bits in loose and then it's all zipped up.
This little kit with a Leatherman is ALL you really need for GS.
Under the seat is a puncture repair kit, I have my intercom there but otherwise that would fit under,
The only other things I carry are a bit electrical tape and some cable ties.
My theory is that the GS is getting so complicated that barring a puncture, loose bodywork or minor niggle I'm not going to be able to fix it at the roadside, so these should cover it.