Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 8


No riding today just swimming in the sea and laying in the sun, 
Cheap food and drink and a spectacular lightning storm to finish the evening.

Bike Trip 2014 Day 7

Lake Garda to Rovinj in Croatia

We rode to the Italian border and crossed in Slovenia, then after about 30 miles of small roads crossed into Croatia, where we had to show our passports! Unusual for a road border in Europe.
I had forgotten to put on Eastern Europe maps on the sat nav so all we had was apink line from the pre planned route. The roads are few so it wa not a problem and we soon reached our hotel, where we were told 'put it outside reception, just under the grapes' cheers!
That's 1500 miles (2400 km) completed.

This is supposedly one of the last. True fishing villages in the med, with the fishermen going out early in the morning, returning to try and sell their catch on the harbour, then mending their nets.
The sea is crystal clear, and the small streets around the church on the hill, untouched for years.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 6

Around lake Garda

We rode anticlockwise around lake Garda, stopping at Garda first then Limone, about 70 miles,

No diggers in the tunnels ala 'the Italian job'


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 5


A short ride into Verona, supposedly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, known as piccolo Roma (little Rome). We squashed in with the other tourists to see juliettes balcony,

then to the very impressive 30,000 seater arena. 

Some people watching while we drank coffee in the sun.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 4

Lake Garda

No riding today, we walked into town and got some refreshments, Peschiera is a beautiful little town at the southern end of lake Garda.

We learned one of our most used phrases in Italian today, asking for the bill, when I went in the guy started singing, 'Italians' I thought.
But I should have said 'il conto, per favore' - the bill please
Not 'il canto, per favore' a song please, oh we'll!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 3

Annecy to Lake Garda

We set off to Italy passing through the Mont Blanc tunnel, €28 for a single crossing but the ride to and after had amazing views.

The tunnel is only 7 miles long but you continue to pass in and out of other tunnels for another 21 miles. Despite being under the alps the temperature of the tunnel was 28.5 degrees.
After clearing the mountains it was a hot (over 30 degrees) boring ride across the top of Italy.
On the motorway in busy traffic passing Milan with most drivers on there phones, playing games! Is no fun.
We reached the Campsite right on Lake Garda, a bargain booked through 'The Sun' holidays £90 for 4 nights!
Time for a beer and food!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 2

Epernay to Annecy 

After yesterday's slog of 515 miles we were looking at another long day to get across France quickly, 335 miles today, mostly tolled roads to get the miles done, boring but it has to be done.
It still surprises me how pleasant the roadside stops and service areas are in France, and with the sun shining they are even better.

As we neared Epernay we passed through our first tunnel and came out to a stunning view of the alps,

 we dropped off the toll road and travelled in on the small but much more picturesque D roads.
Annecy is much more beautiful than expected, with the clear water running through the town, into and out of the lake.

It is supposed to be one of the cleanest lakes in the world.

We ignored the car park and rode up a walkway into a small shopping area, right next to the hotel entrance

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 1

Home to Dover, Calais to Epernay

A warm overnight ride down to Dover with the temperature not dropping below 16 degrees, we belted across France on the toll roads to arrive at the old Grand Prix circuit of Reims.

It's amazingly well kept and more surprising is it's deserted and you are free to wander around.
Back on the bike to Epernay and our hotel, we are reminded that the Tour de France is on, although we will miss it as we are in France!
Rach got into the spirit of the town, with over 2 million bottles of champagne in over 100 km of tunnels under our feet, she thought we would help them out.