Monday, 18 August 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 16

Hull to Home

Off the ferry quickly but then held for 3/4 hour at passport control, 

they let us go and we set off via the B roads to Whitby for breakfast and then up the coat to home.

Miles ridden 2788
Fuel used 320 litres
Average miles per day 199
Most miles in one day 514
Highest pass 4452 feet
Longest tunnel 7 miles
Cheapest fuel £1.16 or €1.44 in Croatia
Average mpg 40

Bike Trip 2014 Day 15

Hamelin to Rotterdam

After a lazy breakfast we set of into another 100 degree day, with 260 miles to go we again decided to use the motorways to get there, although we got there quickly it was probably a mistake and we should have used the smaller roads and arrived a little later. 

We were quickly on the ferry the customs guy noticing it was Rach's birthday tomorrow, so they do actually look at the passports. After strapping the bike down and finding the cabin we settled in for some refreshments.

Bike Trip 2014 Day 14

Heidelberg to Hamelin 

We set off into the heat 32C / 94F at 9am, it got hotter and by 11am  it was 36C!

We decided to push on up the motorways to get there as fast as possible, but had to keep stopping to take on water. We got parked right outside reception, walked in dripping sweat to have the receptionist ask 'would you like to use our steam room or sauna?' 'Er, no' 'what about the swimming pool?' 'Oh yes!'
So straight to the pool then into town to follow the little brass rats, set in the floor around the sights.

There is a really stunning sculpture by Wolfgang Dreysse about the opening of the iron curtain in the Pferdemarkt. 

 We walked back to the hotel after an immense tex mex and in the park next to the hotel was a wine festival with live music so as we didn't have to away early in the morning it seemed rude not to go and try a few local tipples.

Bike Trip 2014 Day 13

Rothenburg to Heidelberg

After a huge breakfast and a talk with Walter about how good the German football team are (and I think he was hinting the English weren't!) we set off on the castle route (Burgenstra├če). 
After riding through more great medieval towns and castle spotting as we went, we stopped at Schwabisch Hall not technically a castle but Comburg monastery. 

Continuing to Heilbronn where we stopped for coffee and the temperature had climbed to 100 degrees! We followed the Rhine into Heidelberg and after seeing 18 castles we stopped at the ibis completely schlossed! 
After walking along the river into the old town overlooked by, you've guessed it, a castle! 

We ended up at a couple of the student eateries and got pasta to go and noodles to go, sat in the sun it was great and with drinks under €8.50 for us both. The weather was still boiling so we stopped at Rossi's cafe with all the trendy people for an ice cream.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 12

Fussen to Rothenburg

After an early call, the fire alarm in the hotel went off at 6.30 am when someone burnt the bacon! we set off along the romantic route (Romantische Stra├če). We traveled in and out of the small towns and villages stopping at Augsburg, in the Hansel & Gretal action movie was where all the witches were


and finished, cutting the route short at Rothenburg as we were going to pick up the castle route the next day.
Rothenburg is amazing, due to the strictest planning rules in Germany it hasn't been touched for years and is so perfect it's like being in a medieval theme park!

We had an amazing hotel (the Spitzweg) which was decorated with antiques, 

The big key is for the wardrobe lock!

even the owner Walter fit with the town, reminding us of Santa Claus.
Which brings us to the world famous Kathe Wohlfahrt's Christmas shop, which is also amazing, if not a bit strange when its the middle of July.

We caught the nightwatchman's tour, which was funny and factual, well worth a try.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 11

Innsbruck to Fussen, Germany

A short but still scenic ride from Austria into Germany, straight to, probably the most famous castle at the end of the romantic route, Neuschwanstein castle.
The view as we rode up was impressive the ques for tickets less so.
If you know you are coming here book in advance (at least 2 day before) then you can just about walk straight up and pick up your tickets.

We did the slog up the hill to the bridge for photos, the weather was in the 30 degrees plus and it was hard work (we should have waited for the bus and paid!)
But the views are worth the effort

Also Hohenschwangau Castle

Rach Was happy to find a Woolworths (Gone in the UK) dunno where we're gonna put it!

 In the hotel Fantasia

So picked up this little number!

Bike Trip 2014 Day 10

Lienz to Innsbruck

When we woke up it was dry and bright, we went for breakfast and took our stuff to the bike and it had started to spit with rain, by the time we we had our gear on to go it was absolutely lashing down!
I checked the weather up on the Grossglockner pass and it was saying 'heavy rain, thick mist with a chance of snow'
We set off up there anyway!
But even on the way to Winklern the rivers of water running down the road were causing front end slides in the tight turns.

So we turned round and went the other way, and the weather just got better and better as the day went on.
The ride through the national park to Innsbruck was still stunning and better for being dry, the small villages with their carved 'Hansel & Gretel' houses impressive.

The stop started well when the helpful hotel receptionist let us put the bike out the back in someones paid parking space as they were away for the night.
Innsbruck was a surprise, the old town was great with its traditional painted houses and the surrounding mountains made it all very picturesque.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bike Trip 2014 Day 9

Rovinj to Lienz Austria

I had forgotten to put eastern Europe maps on the sat nav (Doh!) but after checking the map it looked straight forward run through Slovenia to lake Bled, then into Austria, but as we were paying for the hotel, we got a weather report that the heavy rain from last night was sat over Slovenia for the rest of the day, so we went back into Italy and headed for the mountains via all minor roads.
We passed through some beautiful little towns and eventually started up the Plocken pass to the Austrian border, 

the weather was great and the roads were quiet, we crested the pass where loads of people were eating and getting photos at the empty border station.
it was not long till we reached Lienz and the Gosser brewery 

We stopped in one of 10 rooms attached to the brewery the Brauhaus Falkenstein. This is our view from the room!