Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ride Out Round The Bike Cafes

The weather was mild (18 degrees), not bad for the mid/end of October so I set off just on a quick ride before the weather changes. I used to commute by bike in all weathers but don't have to now so avoid bad weather when I can,
Heard the 100th Scott trial was on near Reeth so set off to the nearby Manor bike cafe (http://www.manor-cafe.co.uk) for a cuppa

 Then on to Reeth to watch some of the trial, the trial is around the long causeway, which is the road to the Tan Hill Inn (the highest pub in Britain) so it was a blast over the Pennines to the pub!


It was windy up at the pub as you can see by the sign, on again on the deserted road over to the Filling station Cafe at Keswick (http://www.fillingstationcafe.co.uk) and just a few spots of rain.

Then back on the road to The Hartside Cafe near Alston which sits on an amazing twisty road almost like riding in the alps. As usual there was loads of bikes.

Then back past High Force and home, 

240 miles, how did that happen?