Monday, 15 June 2015

RST Vintage Kevlar Jeans

We each bought  a pair of these jeans for summer 2014, thinking that they would be better in the heat than our textile gear, and a bit more casual when we stopped places on route.

Nearly one year on here how they've fared.
We have been quite impressed with the RST jeans are for a number of reasons, the cut is like a regular jean, it has some spandex woven in so they stretch or give, and when the knee armour is out they look quite normal (no baggy knees). 

They are half lined with Genuine DuPont kevlar on all the important bits, I know some are fully lined but below the knee we have motorbike boots on, and in my opinion most lower leg injuries are to ankles or impact injuries which won't be stopped by some kevlar.


The knee armour is first class and there are pockets for hip armour to be added, But the main reason I like them is that the knee armour is adjustable up or down (like my expensive BMW textiles) so you can get the perfect fit. This may seem minor but, after trying loads of pairs from different manufacturers I found often the knee protection sits in the wrong place, too high or generally too low. Maybe I have odd legs! But these jeans cover this.
I ordered 2 sizes from Sportsbikeshop because of their free returns but went with my regular 34 waist, If you like a tighter fit you could go a size lower than normal as they are a comfortable fit.
They are still warm in the sun due to the kevlar but don't get as sweaty as textiles, we rode in 36 plus degree heat in them!
They definitely look more casual as you wander around and you could take 1 pair less trousers to keep packing down.
I've worn these through the winter with waterproofs when it's wet and without when its dry, and they are generally warm enough, 
I (happily) haven't tried abrasion test on them but expect they would fare as well as textiles, great for touring and short runs out.
Overall very happy.
You will not be disappointed. Oh and the price £89.99 which is excellent as well.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Dainese X-Run Summer Gloves

For the last year (even through the winter, its been that mild) I've been wearing my BMW GS enduro gloves. they are so comfortable and light with good airflow, great when we were in Germany last year in 36 degrees plus!
But I was talking to someone who had an on road spill in similar gloves and had gone through them even at low speed, despite having leather palms, they are OFF road gloves.

So I started looking into gloves and found this from a guy wearing Alpinestars SMX carbon gloves, again an off road type glove. Both made by reputable manufacturers just the wrong thing for the job.
So I've bought some Dainese X-Run gloves, their new short ROAD sports glove.

I went for a (M)edium which is sized by Dainese at 9" - 9.5" my hand measures about 9" and as I like my glove to fit like... well a glove, I though I may have to exchange them for a (S)mall. 

But, they are tight, fantastic fit! any smaller and I wouldn't get them on! so if you like a bit or room, go 1 size up.
I will follow up with another blog on how they perform, comfort and quality.
Now to wear them in!

Monday, 6 April 2015

It's Done!

It's finally finished!

Our short film from last years bike trip through Europe.
Have a watch, in full HD if your connection is up to it, and leave (constructive) criticism,

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sweaty Helmet?

Helmet freshener

I was given this bottle of Moto Groom helmet sanitiser for Xmas and had forgotten about it.

When I got my helmet out to go for a ride the other day I realised it still smelled from riding in the heat in summer.
I had tried Fabreeze with no joy so I gave this a go.
It is citrus groves flavour you spray into your helmet and leave it 2 hours
It does smell quite strong, not unpleasant, but when you put the helmet on you can't smell it as much. I would recommend to use it sparingly and have a second go if it's not enough.
So at £14.99 the 250ml bottle will last a long time.

Time will tell, but it seems good so far.