Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sweaty Helmet?

Helmet freshener

I was given this bottle of Moto Groom helmet sanitiser for Xmas and had forgotten about it.

When I got my helmet out to go for a ride the other day I realised it still smelled from riding in the heat in summer.
I had tried Fabreeze with no joy so I gave this a go.
It is citrus groves flavour you spray into your helmet and leave it 2 hours
It does smell quite strong, not unpleasant, but when you put the helmet on you can't smell it as much. I would recommend to use it sparingly and have a second go if it's not enough.
So at £14.99 the 250ml bottle will last a long time.

Time will tell, but it seems good so far.


  1. This is exactly what I need espically in the spring/summer! Will buy this for sure, I did have one of those half helmets, but I felt unsafe, so I got one for Christmas from the wife, think she went to Elite Helmets, and got me an Icon Airmada, which is pretty awesome.

  2. I got my helmet out to go for a ride the other day I realised it still smelled from riding in the heat in summer.
    Erin Knight

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