Saturday, 24 June 2017

European Accident Statement

So you're travelling through France and you have an accident, you only speak English and the other person only speaks French, then he pulls out an accident report form (which he is supposed to carry in France) but it's in French what do you do?

The European accident report is to get an agreed statement of facts between people involved in an accident, and to help sorting the claim later. There are two identical copies you fill in one side of both and sign it, you get one, the other person keeps the other. 

Signing the statement does not imply a recognition of liability

Just an agreement of the facts in the statement.

This happened to us in 2015 high up in the alps, we managed to muddle through but now we carry a copy of the form for in the relevant languages for where we are travelling, or at the very least an English version so you know what you are filling in!

What to do

Fill in one column of the first page, the other person fills in the other. If you don't agree with what the other person has written, mention this in the my remarks section. You both sign the page and keep it for your insurance.
There is an identical page for them to keep.
If there is a declaration page (not always) fill that in, sign it and keep it, again the other person gets a copy.

You can download the form in various languages here

Hopefully you will never need it!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Lack of posts

People have been asking about the lack of updates on the blog, and to be honest, we've mostly been using Facebook (follow us at Motorcycle Meanderings) On our next trip we will be trying out Instagram as well. I will update the video section as well, must try harder,   B-