Kit We're Using

Here is some of the kit we are using and what we think of it.

Kreiga KS40 alloy pannier liner bags
These are brilliant, tough and expandable, great when you arrive at a hotel to just pull out of your panniers, and walk in with a bag each. By zipping/unzipping you can change them from 30 - 35 - 40 litres. They have a waterproof section, so you can put in toiletries and save the extra of a wash bag, zip it up and not worry that they will squidge out all over your clothes.
They could be used as a carry on bag and come with shoulder straps.
We've found you can pack them, and then often squash them down with the compression straps, then zip them smaller to make it easier to get them into panniers.
These are made to fit all the main aluminium panniers, BMW, Touratech, Metal Mule.

Givi tank bag

After having various tank bags over the years, we now have the Givi XS308 with tank lock system, All our documents, cameras, phones and money go in the tank bag and this goes EVERYWHERE. So on finding it was getting heavier and heavier to carry we got an Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag which zipped off a base and became a backpack, but, The base was magnetic and could scratch the tank if you weren't careful, and the base could be easily nicked when left on the bike. Also because the tank bag was a back pack it just encouraged us to carry more and more stuff, so became really heavy to lug around.
The Givi is a good size, but not too big, it expands to 20 ltrs and un-clips quickly and easily when you want to carry it or put in fuel, it doesn't touch the tank so no paintwork damage. It has a clear map compartment and also comers with an ipad/tablet case for the top and has a watertight point to run in a power lead. It does come with a waterproof cover, but I have ridden in heavy rain and it did not leak.

 Tool case & kit

There is a blog in the main section about the case and what's inside. This fits inside the right hand pannier and is always there, assemble your tool kit and it's always to hand.

Oil bottle

The GS's are known for using a bit of oil so on a long trip we carry some extra in a bottle. Not a lot of people seem to know that moulded into the right hand side petrol tank, behind the forks is a cut out, the Californian market has some sort of filter, and it's perfect for an oil bottle. BMW don't mention it and don't make one! But Nippy Normans and a few others do, great to fill and forget till you need it.

To be reviewed

Schuberth C3 helmets
BMW Rallye 2 suit
Daytona roadstar boots
Garmin Zumo 660 sat nav
Autocom intercom
RST jeans
Held sixty six wax jacket

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  1. I measure all my oils so it is a hassle to look for the proper size. This oil bottle is a complete game changer for me. You squeeze the amount and it indicates how many tablespoons or milliliters it is. It is so very handy and the spout is not huge so it is easily controllable. I like it a lot. Getting two more for my other oils and also for gifting…..


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