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On the 6th of September on the day with the worst weather in our area in years (75 mm of rain in 14 hours!) I picked up our brand new 63 reg. BMW R1200 GS Adventure. 
With it we got free luggage, a BMW tank bag, BMW (Garmin) G.P.S, tinted screen, pannier liner bags, and a full tank of fuel (33 liters)
I rode out of the garage at 12.00 with 0 miles on the clock

We paid for the Dynamic and the Premium packages, so it has loads of new features and I will let you know how they are as we get some miles done.

The new (to us) features are;

The Premium Pack

Chrome exhaust
Electronic suspension adjustment
Heated grips
Additional fog lights
On board computer
LED indicators

The Dynamic Pack

ABS which can be turned off from the handlebar on board computer control.
Tyre pressure monitor
ASC (Automatic Stability Control) traction control

The bike has more power (25 more horses) and more torque (22 Nm) than the last one, with twin cams and a balancer shaft to make it smoother, and despite having 3 liters more fuel it is lighter.


  1. Hi Steve and Rach
    I hope your enjoying your new bike and Summer will soon be here. I must say I am a little envious as well because I ride a 09 GS and although I love it I would like to trade up but apparently my nearest and dearest wife says my pension will not stretch to it. I knew I should have been a Banker when I left school all those years ago. Still not to worry the important thing is that I ride a GS and having had many multi cylinder jap bikes over the years I just love it and wish I had brought one sooner.
    Now to why I am contacting you how's the new bikes seat !
    Mine like you said could be better and since seeing your Blog and it must be years ago now I have been wondering whether to attempt having a go at reshaping it like you did. So can I ask did the original cover stretch back ok or did you have difficulties in fitting it. I take your point about keeping it attached at the back to make it easier.
    Given how much they want for a Corbin or Sergeant seat its got to be worth a try. Enjoy the bike and Summer. Ted

  2. Hi Steve And Rach,

    I am planning to do a tour from Doncaster to Slovenia and I was wondering when you and Rach were driving around Europe How much did cost you all example fuel, Hotels, Food, and so on
    I drive a Suzuki RF600RV here and this is a bike I will be travelling toward Slovenia so any advice on how much you guys pay for a journey and tolls would be much appreciated

    Best regards,


    1. Fuel is about the same price as the UK but more expensive on toll roads and main roads, cheaper in towns. we try to keep off toll roads, having used them in the past cost of tolls does mount up, keeping off toll roads and on more minor roads can often be quicker anyway on a motorbike, plus the scenery is better! accommodation really depends how posh you like it and whether you want breakfast and private parking. Never pay for parking you can usually get close by often right outside the hotel on the pavement. we try to keep under about £100 a day for food, fuel and accommodation, if you book in advance you can often pick up some deals. If you get to Slovenia try a bit further to Croatia which is really worth a visit and not much further, good luck enjoy your trip and ride safe!

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