The Numbers Game

Stats for trips of at least 3 days (Last Updated August 2016)

2: Different motorbikes

24165: Miles traveled (or 38889 Km's)

17Countries Visited, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Ireland (North & South), Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Wales, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria

10: Tyres used or on (4 Fronts & 6 Rears)

14: Ferries sailed on

9193: Feet, Highest Pass Ridden Over the Cime de la Bonette, 4th highest paved road in Europe (or 2802 m), the highest that is not private or a dead end..

6: Different mountain ranges crossed

174: Days on the bike

2517.19: Litres of petrol (or 559.38 gallons)

43.20: Miles per gallon (9.60 miles per litre)

10.5: Miles The longest tunnel the Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland, 4th longest tunnel in the world (or 16.90 Kms)

1: Breakdown (final drive bearing)

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